How To Fix Printer Job Stuck in Print Queue?

Get steadfast steps so as to troubleshoot the issue of HP printer project stuck in printing queue which can allow you to conquer the issue immediately.

Most of the time, the HP printer will not print from a computer because a printing project stuck inside the Windows print queue. Just clicking offset option is not the solution to repair the print job from the queue.

Reinstalling the printer driver is the foremost solution that cans Allow You to conquer the issue-

  • Disconnect All of the cable attached to a printer including all of the USB cables
  • Here you Want to search Windows for devices then click “Devices” and “Printers” from the list of results
  • After this, You Need to click on the icon to your printer, then click Remove Device
  • Here the pc device uninstalls the printer software
  • Next, You Need to restart the pc device
  • Here You Need to go to the option then select and download printer software which matches the model of your HP printer
  • Install the software in accordance with the instructions and then attempt to send print job again

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