How To Fix HP Printer Won’t Print in Color?

If you’re facing problems with your HP printer along with your printer is not printing in color, then the site would be quite valuable for you as we’ve cited that the reliable solution to take care of the issue.

HP offers a large variety of printers for every single individual which may be used for different platform and purposes. The HP printer may be used to publish quality pictures, scan items, copy documents and publish text and images in black or black in color. If you realize that your printer is not printing properly in color then the dilemma is possible with color cartridge. But if your cartridge is not empty, the issue could be a little more difficult to figure out. Troubleshoot your printer to learn your HP printer won’t print in color by the steps which are cited below or simply contact at HP Printer Support Amount to possess instant assistance and support in the smart techies.

Assess the Cartridge

  • First of all, you want to open the front cover of the printer eliminate the color printer cartridge
  • Following this, you need to insert a brand-new color cartridge and attempt to print again.
  • It is possible Your printer is out of ink, or possibly the color cartridge is faulty, so it is Far Better to remove the ink cartridge out of the printer
  • Look in the sideways of this ink cartridge and assess if it is on expiration date, even if the ink expired, dry or old up and clump then it is Far Better to change the color cartridge and place the new cartridge into your printer and try printing again
  • Assess if the process helps you to overcome the issue

For more information you can visit: HP printer support number.

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