Steps to Perform Print Screen on an HP Intel vPro

HP is a large brand in hardware and computer tech manufacturers. For those not aware or heard of this, it is a remote access possibility that allows the user or administrator to give or require access to another computer through remote setup for troubleshooting purpose. Throughout a distant setup, you can see and control a pc that is continents aside as if it was your own. For printing screen via vPro, simply use a standard print screen tool and it’ll capture whatever is there in your desktop. It is quite simple and may be used at any given point of time to capture your screen. I’ll discuss a detailed description of how to use or perform publish screen in an HP Intel vPro. Follow the set of instructions carefully to perform it yourself.

The way to perform a Print screen in an HP Intel vPro?

Here, I’ll discuss a detailed description of how to perform a print screen in an HP Intel vPro. Follow the instructions cited carefully. In case that you don’t understand any area or sense the need for expert advice, phone HP Tech Support for full assistance.

  • First, connect your personal computer to a desktop using the HP Intel vPro. It’s possible to use a notebook in other room also just for the purpose of assessing.
  • After becoming connected with this remote machine (notebook in this case), you’ll be able to access the notebook via your computer screen.
  • As soon as you become connected to the remote setup, use the primary “Prtscn” in your desktop computer keyboard to capture the screen of your notebook that is now displayed on your computer screen.
  • Now, minimize the distant screen in your desktop computer, and start “paint” program on your PC. To be able to establish the Paint setup, type “Paint” from the run control window.
  • Once the screenshot has been pasted, click “Document” present in the upper left corner of this screen and choose “save as” option from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ve successfully captured and saved the screen of the remote computer (notebook in this case” on your primary computer using the HP Intel vPro.

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In case you did not understand any component or want the support of a technical expert, don’t hesitate to get in touch with HP Printer Technical Support Number. They have some of their best-certified hardware and computer engineers who have years of expertise in assisting customers with their needs. The helpline is available for 24*7 around the clock and may be reached from anywhere.

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